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Soft Magnetic Components

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a state of the art technology to process Fe-Si, Fe-Ni, Fe-Co soft magnetic materials to print electromagnetic components.

Soft Magnetic Composition & Properties

MaterialComposition (%), Fe bal BsHcBμinitμmaxResist.
CoCrNi MoV CuOther GOeμ-ohm*cm
Commercially Pure Iron 0.3-1.3200-5003,500-20,000
Low carbon steel (M-19)19,0000.2-0.530010,00047
Iron-Silicon (Si-Fe)3 to 619,7000.635050,00050
Sendust (Fe85Si9.5Al5.5)10,0000.0660-125140,000
Alloy 47504815,5000.02-0.107,000100,00045
Mu Metal (Ni-Fe)27757,5000.01-0.0320,000~100,00060
Supermalloy 7957,800~0.00560,000800,00065
Perminvar (7-70) 77012,5000.68504,00016
Kovar 172912,0003,00049
Perminvar (45-25)254515,5001.24002,00019
Hiperco 27270.60.624,200165010,000
Hiperco 35350.524,200165010,00020
Supermendur 49224,0000.292,500
Hiperco 50A49224,000< 115,00040
Permendur 5024,50028005,0007
Metglas 2705M793.53.89.27,7000.4600,000136
Metglas 2714A85385,7001,000,000142
Sintered Ferrites (MnZnFe2O4, NiZnFe2O4) Mn: 4,000 - 5,500 Ni: 2,000 - 3,500Mn: 0.06 - 0.25 Ni: 0.25 - 2.50Mn: 1,000 - 10,000 Ni: 100 - 1,000
Nanocrystalline Alloy - NANOMET 19,000
Nanocrystalline Alloy - HITPERM16,000
Nanocrystalline Alloy - NANOPERM15,2000.03750,000
Nanocrystalline Alloy - FINEMET12,400500,000

Permanent (Hard) Magnetic Components

AM has just begun to explore the field of manufacturing sintered and bonded permanent magnets using a variety of AM techniques such as Binder Jetting (BJ), Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS), Cold Spray etc. The eventual aim of AM is to process all the following compositions of the permanent magnet family.

Hard Magnetic Composition & Properties

MaterialComposition (%), Fe bal BrHcBHcJBH(max)Resist.
CoNi NbTi AlCuREOther kGOeOeMGOeμ-ohm*cm
Alnico 15211237.165
Alnico 213191037.25601.665
Alnico 4527125.57201.465
Alnico 524148312.56405.547
Alnico 5-724148313.57407.547
Alnico 835155749.31,550650
Alnico 9351557411.21,37510.550
Cunife I20605.85901.918
Cunife II2.520507.32600.818
Cunico I2921503.47000.920
Cunico II4124355.3450120
Cobalt -Platinum 23774.52,600830
Sm2Co565358 - 10.37.8 to 10.0> 25,00016 to 2555
Sm2Co1750625310 to 129.6 to 11.4> 15,00024 to 3390
NdFeB (Sintered)0 - 30 - 0.532210.8 to 14.810.3 to 14.2> 11, 00028 to 52180
NdFeB (Bonded) 0 - 150 - 1.53024.8 to 8.7 > 8,0005 to 15
LaCo-Ferrites14.64,300> 4,5004.5 to 5.4> 10,000

Advanced Magnetic Characterization

  • Magnetic characterization
  • AC/DC Hysteresis Loop Analysis of soft magnetic materials under DC to 20kHz.
  • Magnetization curve analysis of hard magnetic materials by Vibrating Sample magnetometer (VSM).

Magnetic properties reported: Bs, Bμ, Ms, Js, (BH)max, B, Hc, μ, Ps, Ph, Pe as per IEC 60404 and ASTM A773.

Multiphysics Simulation

We use FEM analysis tools to remove guesswork from the expected outcomes. We predict what will be the outcome based on input parameters and compare with the targets. We can use the power of FEM to redesign. This reduces the need for costly and time-consuming iterative experiments thus speeding up product development.

Electromagnetics & Stress Analysis

Advanced material modeling solutions enable test runs on detailed investigation of electromagnetic properties of components or different system configurations containing permanent magnets.

Supports to solve multiscale challenges from static to low and high frequency ranges.

Comparison of simulation results and performance optimization specific to motor development.

Thermal Analysis

Application of robust pre to post processing software to simulate full range of flow, heat transfer, and turbulence.

Acoustic Analysis

A multidisciplinary approach that offers complete and accurate e-Motor analysis, considering electromagnetic performance, cooling strategies, vibro-acoustic simulation on an all-in-one platform.