EMI/RFI Elastomeric Absorber

High density flexible EMI/RFI absorber sheets with customizable frequency.

Flexible Elastomer EMI/RFI Absorber

We've developed a novel, high-performance EMI/RFI shielding material for use in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. Notably, our material absorbs EMI/RFI, has a wide operational range, and supports 5G applications.

High Density EMI Absorbing Flexible Sheet

Highest density absorber

Our flexible absorbers are made with the highest possible loading. Flexible material conforms to curved surfaces and absorb a broad spectrum of EM emissions with options for shore hardness, frequency-specific material and thickness.

·      Flexible

·      Frequency Specific

·      Impact Resistant

·      Cut to Shape

Available Materials:

·      Elastomer

Our absorbers can be tuned to absorb specific frequencies. For example, our specific 13GHz 4mm absorber product:

Specific Frequency Absorber with -16dB reflection loss at 13GHz

We also produce wide band absorbers e.g. 10-40GHz:

Wide Band Absorber with reflection loss of -15 to -35dB at 10-40GHz

Our EMI Elastomeric Absorbers are certified RoHS complaint by TÜV SÜD.
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