Max Flow Nozzle

Bralco Max Flow Nozzle

Bralco Max-Flow Nozzle

Bralco Max Flow Nozzle

We have developed 3D printer max flow nozzles. Using our unique internal geometry we are able to deliver the maximum flow rate in the Mk8,V6, Bambu and Volcano form factor for nozzles, allowing for big improvements to print speed and strength.

·    Design optimized for maximum thermal transfer

·    Encourages turbulent flow to heat inner filament

·    Even temperature means better layer adhesion

·    Reduction of warping/splitting and residual stress

·    Get the highest possible flow from your hotend

These are available in Mk8,Reprap V6, Bambu, Volcano form factors.

Materials: stainless steel 316L with more materials coming soon

Volcano-style nozzles allow up to 30mm3/s flow, 25-33% more than plain volcano nozzles.


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