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EMI/RFI-loaded Antennas and Waveguides

EMI/RFI-loaded Antennas and Waveguides

We've developed a novel, high-performance EMI/RFI shielding material for use in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. Notably, our material absorbs EMI/RI, has a wide operational range, and supports 5G applications.

3D Printed Antenna/Waveguide.

Band-specific waveguides and horn antenna

WR-number specific waveguide with customizable resonator and side channel features. Limit stray emissions in specific frequency. Customizable coating.

·      Frequency Specific

·      Tunable Absorption

·      Design Flexibility

·      Less Tooling

Available Materials:

·      PLA

·      ABS

·      PEEK

3D Printed Horn Antenna
3D Printed Waveguide
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