PCB and Battery Cases

Customised Battery Case

We produce cases for PCBs and batteries. Our proprietary material offers high specific strength and stiffness while meeting your needs in terms of EMI/RFI absorption, thermal performance, flame retardation, breathability and antistatic/charge dissipative properties. Depending on your needs we can produce cases with:

·      Frequency specific tuning with-10dBi to -40dBi absorption in the frequency range of 500MHz to 60GHz

·      Flame retardation up to UL-94 v0 can be achieved

·      Capable of operating in temperatures >100C

·      ESD dissipative and/antistatic with surface resistivity in range of 10^7 to 10^12 Ohm sq

·      Breathable as necessary

·      Can be custom designed to fit existing PCB/Batteries.

We use a combination of optimized design and material to ensure best performance.

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