EMI/RFI Absorbing Anechoic Chamber Tiles

Thermoplastic products with EMI/RFI absorbing properties

EMI/RFI-loaded absorber products

We've developed a novel, high-performance EMI/RFI shielding material for use in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. Notably, our material absorbs EMI/RFI, has a wide operational range, and supports 5G applications.

EMI anechoic pyramidal absorber
Scale Version of Anechoic Chamber

Dual Absorber Tiles for Anechoic Chambers

We produce highly tunable RFI absorbing tiles for anechoic testing chambers. These tiles use unique multimaterial sandwiches to maximize absorber performance. They have unparalleled tuning to your use case. They absorb a broad spectrum of EM emissions with the options for breathability, frequency-specific material and geometry, thicknesses, flame resistance.

·      Breathable

·      Frequency Specific

·      Flame Resistance

·      Customized Mounting

Available Materials:

·      PLA

·      ABS

·      TPU

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