Space Structural Components

Bralco fiber reinforced polymer composites

Bralco Space and Satellite Components from Continuous Carbon Fiber

Cube Satellite Prototype

We fabricate space use parts using additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber in a thermoplastic matrix. The result is extremely high strength-to-weight ratio which has low outgassing properties, exceptional thermal properties and excellent fatigue properties.

Continuous Carbon Fiber Test Coupon

Continuous carbon fiber has a higher specific strength than hardened tool steel with remarkable stiffness and lightness. We produce customizable parts with impregnated continuous carbon fibers laid into part during the printing process. These 3D printed parts are made from our proprietary advanced composite materials. Bralco’s carbon composites are a superior alternative to many other materials.

Chart comparing Bralco CCF to Aluminium 6061

Compared to Aluminium 6061:

·      127% Higher Tensile Strength

·      60% Improvement in Specific Stiffness

·      200% Higher Strength-to-Weight Ratio

·      Design Flexibility

Available Materials:

·      PEEK

·      PEKK

·      PEI (9085/1010)

Our PEEK-CF material have been certified for low CVCM(<0.1%) and TML(<1%).

Bralco Short Fiber Pellets and Filament.

Short carbon fiber pellets
ABS-CF FDM filament spools

Short Carbon and Glass Fiber for Stronger and Stiffer 3D Printed Parts

We produce stiff aerospace parts using short fiber reinforcement. Carbon fiber is for lightweight and high stiffness applications. Glass fiber is for strong, stiff applications with temperature endurance and optional flame resistance.

·      High Strength and Stiffness

·      High Heat Deflection

·      Flame Resistance

Available Materials:

·      PA6, PA12

·      PLA

·      ABS

·      PEEK

·      PEI

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